Who we are

Our goal is to carry the Third Angel's message to all people, tribes, tongues and nations.

TV Tercero Anjo is part of the NGO: ASDEIH-Brasil (Assistência Social de Desenvolvimento e Integração Humanitária), a Brazilian Christian, non-profit organization, created in 2012 with the aim of promoting education, health, missionary aviation, missionary boats and evangelism through the Internet, Radio and TV.

ASDEIH Brasil currently has: A radio station in the large city of Manaus, Rádio Terceiro Anjo 90.9 FM and also on the internet through the website: www.terceiroanjo.com; With the Base dos Anjos in Manaus, which operates in medical missionary work, taking health professionals with their boats to villages and riverside populations; and also with TV Tercero Anjo via the internet.

By publishing videos of biblical talks, recipes, family counseling and sacred music, TV Tercero Anjo promotes Seventh-day Adventist beliefs on eating habits, biblical and prophetic interpretation, Christian education, among other topics.

Third Angel TV defines itself as a lay ministry. This means that it is a ministry that supports the Adventist Church, and is linked to Adventist doctrines, beliefs and lifestyle, but it is not administered by the church, therefore it depends on donations for its maintenance.