Terms and conditions

Scope of application

The terms and conditions contained in this document will apply to the relationship between the visitor and Campal Tercero Anjo (CTA) from the moment the reservation is requested and until the moment the accommodation period ends.

Where the Terms and Conditions are silent, current Brazilian legislation will apply.

II. Conclusion of the Contract

1. When requesting to reserve a room, the camper makes an accommodation proposal to the CTA. If rooms are available, CTA will provide the Customer with a reservation code.

2. The CTA only guarantees the camper the availability of a room in the reserved category and not the availability of a specific room.

III. Arrival and departure

1. CTA will provide the camper with a room in the reserved category from 2 pm on the date of arrival and, at the latest, from 10 pm on the day of arrival at the hotel.

2. Upon arrival at the camp, the camper must immediately proceed to the check-in location, show the reservation number and purchase additional services if necessary.

3. After checking in, the camper will receive a bracelet to access the room, cafeteria and lecture venues, which will remain valid during the contracted period of stay.

4. On the date of departure, the camper must leave the room free of people and goods and without any damage by 2 pm.

5. If the room is not left by 2 pm on the day of departure, compensation corresponding to the price of a one-night stay in the accommodation will be immediately charged.

IV. Animals

1. It is expressly prohibited to have animals in the accommodation, except in "Guest House C".

2. The introduction of animals into the accommodation by the camper will allow the CTA to immediately terminate the contract with the camper and ask the camper to leave the accommodation without refunding the amounts paid in the meantime for making the room available during the contracted period of stay.

V. Terms of use

1. Only the people indicated in the accommodation reservation will be entitled to use the accommodation room.

2. Campers must treat the accommodation room with care and consideration.

3. The camper must treat other campers at the camp with consideration and respect the CTA rules posted there, if applicable, which are also part of the accommodation contract.

4. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times during their stay at the camp.

8. CTA does not assume any responsibility in the event of theft, loss or deterioration of valuable objects such as money, electronics or other objects of considerable value if such events take place in the accommodation room or inside vehicles parked in the car park .

SAW. Access to the hotel room via CTA

CTA and its staff will have the right to enter the hotel room during the Customer's stay in order to carry out cleaning, repairs and similar work, if necessary.

VII. Price of stay and other prices

1. The price of the stay to be paid by the camper constitutes the consideration for providing the use of the hotel room, in the period between arrival and departure.

2. The total price of the stay will be charged per night, regardless of whether the camper actually used the room or spent the night there.

3. The applicable rates are the agreed prices or the price indicated in the CTA store with prices in force on the date of conclusion of the contract.

4. The fees and amounts indicated in the terms and in the accommodation contract are all plus a 5% administrative fee, unless expressly stated otherwise.

VIII. Complaints regarding material defects

1. The camper must inspect the hotel room upon arrival and immediately report any defects found to the CTA reception.

2. Any defects that may arise during your stay must be reported to the hotel reception as soon as possible.

3. If it is verified that there is indeed a defect in the camper's room, the CTA has the right to choose between repairing it or relocating the camper to a room that has at least the same category contracted with the camper.

4. For the purposes mentioned above, only serious defects that are likely to jeopardize the level of service and quality will be considered, and CTA is not obliged to take any action in the case of complaints that are irrelevant, unreasonable or involve details that are not conflict with the minimum contracted service level.

5. If CTA does not have the means to repair the relevant defect or to replace the Customer's room with another of an equivalent or higher category, the Customer may only terminate the contract and receive the price paid for the room, with nothing more being able to demand of the CTA whatever its title.

IX. Responsibility on the part of the CTA

1. CTA will only be responsible for damages or losses to the camper when such facts result from CTA's culpable actions.

2. CTA does not assume any responsibility for loss of data provided by the camper in the case of electronic transmission of payment data and is only responsible in the event of culpable action.

3. CTA does not assume any responsibility for damages or accidents occurring inside the room or any part of the camp, unless such accidents are caused by CTA's culpable actions.

4. CTA will not be considered responsible to the camper in case of delay in making the room available, even if there is a valid reason for not making the room available in time.

5. For the purposes of the previous paragraph, valid reasons that make the provision of the room impossible or more difficult will be considered, such as strikes, blockades, natural disasters, accidents in the room itself or in the accommodation.

6. CTA does not assume any responsibility for acts carried out by any Estancia employee, unless they are in their normal working period, duly identified and in uniform as a company employee.

7. CTA does not assume any responsibility nor can it in any case be held responsible for non-compliance with additional obligations.

8. CTA cannot in any case be held responsible for the act or omission of any other camper, even if this is likely to cause damage or harm to another camper in the accommodation. Any and all damages caused to third parties by campers at the accommodation will be their sole responsibility and completely outside of CTA.

9. CTA does not assume responsibility towards the camper for any loss of profits or indirect losses, even if resulting from failure to comply with the main obligation.

X. Duty to notify

In the event of theft or damage to property, or in the event of fire, water damage or other damage to the hotel room, the camper must immediately inform hotel staff and do everything possible to assist in resolving the theft or repair the damage.

XI. End of the accommodation contract

1. CTA will have the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract for just cause if the camper engages in any behavior that affects the good coexistence, peace or hygiene of the hotel, particularly if during their stay at the camp, the camper is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using the accommodation room for illicit practices, acting offensively towards camp staff or other campers, disturbing the peace of other campers, or, in the past, having made false reservations with malicious intent and/or damaged or destroyed the hotel or its facilities.

XII. Data protection

1. The camper is informed that their personal data will not be stored and processed by CTA

2. The camper grants CTA the right to use associated companies and selected service providers to carry out data processing and the right to transmit such personal data under this section to companies that allow them to store and process it.

3. Unless otherwise legislated, the Customer's personal data must be deleted when the hosting contract ends and the legal retention periods have expired.

XIII. General provisions

1. The Terms and Conditions fully regulate the camper's stay at the camp and their use of the accommodation.

2. No verbal agreement was reached throughout the accommodation contract. Any and all changes to the contract between the parties must necessarily be contained in a written document signed by both, unless it is a unilateral declaration, in which case it must be contained in a written document signed by the issuer.

3. CTA will have the right to have third parties perform its obligations under and within the scope of the accommodation contract.

4. The nullity of one or more of the previous provisions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced by the valid provision, as close as possible to the commercial and legal intentions of the parties or if this is not possible under current Brazilian legislation.

5. All accommodation in blocks A to K will be reserved based on the minimum capacity of people per room, with CTA reserving the right to include more people in the rooms if necessary.

XV. Cancellation Terms

Before booking

You can find cancellation details on our Cancellation Policy home page.

By accepting these terms and conditions we assume that you have read the Cancellation Policy.